Penpals… Do people still want to get letters in the mail?!

So, I have two of my best friends that have moved away and I am trying to think of fun things to send them in the mail! I love getting letters in the mail, especially when they are not bills or junks, so hopefully they will too!

What do you think? Is snail mail still cool, or just a nuisance?

I found some great ideas on the blog below and I can’t wait to start writing to them!! AHHH


New Adventures in the New Year … I’m a Beachbody Coach!!

Hey Everyone! So I’m finally coming out with it lol. A little over two months ago I joined the Beachbody team/family! I was at the heaviest I had ever been and I didn’t know what to do. I have always struggled with my weight and even though I exercise and have a mostly healthy eating mentality, I just couldn’t shed the lbs. I really thought I would never find something that would work for me, but I was desperate and tired of looking at the same self-conscience girl in the mirror everyday. So I took a leap of faith with Beachbody and my coach Kyndra Angell and chose the 21 day fix! I also decided to supplement with shakeology because I had heard so many amazing things about this product.

The reason I chose and still choose the 21 day fix is because I have never believed in dieting and the fix is not a fad diet. It is a portion control program that helps your brain recognize the proper amount of food that you are able to consume. I come from a family of over eaters and I have always associated food with other things. With the 21 day fix, I finally realized how much I was truly over eating and after years of struggling, I was able to really start to see a difference. It wasn’t just with my portion sizes but with my overall attitude. I was becoming the happier, healthier person I always knew I could be and I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing anything! So here I am, 2 months later and 10 lbs lighter and in such an amazing place because of it.

As many of you know, I’m a skeptic, so I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about this program but after seeing the results for myself, I couldn’t wait to tell other people about it. That is why I have become a coach for Beachbody! I know you can do it too, all it takes is that step in the right direction, the support from a great team, and a coach that has your absolute best interests at heart (that’s me lol)!!!

Please like my new page and let me know if you too are ready to make this healthy change in 2015, because if I could do it, so can you!!

Money money money (sung in my head to the tune of the song that played on Rachel Ray’s 40 dollars a day show hahah)

Recently I have created a budget to keep track of my spending. I have done this before but it never seemed to work out. Whether I couldn’t stick to the amounts that I budgeted for or there were unexpected expenses that I didn’t allow for, whatever it was, every other budget failed for me. I thought well maybe budgets just don’t work for me.

However, I knew I needed something because I have been out of college for over a year and I don’t really have any savings to speak of and that scares me. So I set out trying to come up with an idea for a budget that would be custom to me. No apps, templates, gimmicky grids or crazy envelope systems, I mean I’ve really tried it all whether it was suggested by a friend or family member or from some New York Times article on “how to budget for dummies” ……no no no, not this time. This time I took it old school and opened up a blank excel document and got started.

What I realized was that I am a chronic over spender….”hi my name’s Christina and I live above my means” lol. The thing is though, I never realized how much I was actually over spending each pay period. I though maybe a couple hundred dollars a month tops, but no…. More like a couple thousand!!!!! No wonder I have no savings and credit card debt from college ūüė¶

So I decided instead of being in denial about the fact that I clearly over spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, that I would embrace it, but more importantly track it. I am pleased to say, just by tracking it, this pay period I have cut my normal over spending in half! I know, hold the applause haha

So why am I telling you this. Well, it’s because I realized a valuable lesson through this experience: it’s so important to do you. I know that’s clique but it really is true on so many levels, at work, with your finances, in your personal life, etc. It is so much more important to figure out what works for you than to follow the crowd or assume that the latest trend or fab will be a perfect fit. If it is then that’s great but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take a look inside to find the answers, usually they are already there. You know… you are the only expert on yourself, so trust that you might just know best!

Sometimes organized but always creative.


The sentence “I wish I was …” trolls through my head far more often then I would like to admit. ¬†My therapist says I really shouldn’t use the word “should”, but then I just did in the negative, so as you can tell I am not very good at following those directions. ¬†The “I wish’s” and the “I should’s” leave me with a sense of guilt that causes anxiety that really just breaks down my productivity. ¬†I find myself looking for ways to create organization out of the chaos, but eventually I land right back into the same clutter.

I read an article recently that attributed¬†cluttered minds to creative genius and of course I hope that to be the case. ¬†It doesn’t make any sense to not keep things tidy, or to not put things back where they belong after using them, but for some reason¬†even¬†¬†as a high functioning adult, I just can’t manage.

So here I am…back at it again. ¬†Trying to find a system that works for me, and if you have the same problem, maybe you can find a system that works for you too!


Rachel Maddow Is Repulsed At Congress For Taking A Bajillion Days Off While New War Is Launched

I love Rachel Maddow!!!

The Fifth Column

MSNBC Screenshot 9-18-2014

All the more reason the leaders (and party) of this fiasco should be voted out of office…

The Huffington Post

Rachel Maddow has already teared into Congress over its handling of the conflict in Iraq and Syria, but a new move by the House and Senate has pushed the MSNBC host over the edge.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama made a speech praising Congress for quickly passing new legislation that will support his plan to arm and train Syrian rebels. That very same day, the House announced that members of Congress would be taking their five-week recess a week early, and would most likely not return until after congressional elections in November.

Maddow was visibly appalled by this, calling it the reason Americans find Congress so repulsive and ‚Äúrepellent.‚ÄĚ

“Sixteen-hundred US military families have gotten the call that they’ve had their loved ones deployed to Iraq, they’re flying…

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So it had to come some time …. LIPSTICKS!!!

So, if you hadn’t noticed, my blog name is a double¬†entendre and of course with that comes my small obsession with lipstick! ¬†To be completely honest I go through phases of wearing and not wearing makeup on an everyday basis but I won’t usually pass up a chance to buy a lipstick that I really love. ¬†Which usually then kickstarts me wearing it more! ¬†Although, for the most part if I am going out going out, you won’t catch me without lipstick at the very least!

Which leads me to share that I just bought a lot of new color lipsticks from NYX.  I have heard some really great things about this brand and in general I feel like colored lipsticks are definitely the trend.  I feel very on point with this purchase!

So, get ready because a make up tutorial will surely be on it’s way!! Oh and just so you know, I shared a link below so you can see the colors. ¬†The only ones I didn’t buy were orange, yellow, green and white, but that might change lol!

There’s something about them…

There is something about people who exude confidence, something intrinsically sexy about the way they act, walk, talk, write, and fuck.  It draws me in like a moth to the flame, like a bee to a flower, and like me to a piece of dark chocolate after a long stress filled day.

There is something that stirs me up inside when someone is confident about¬†themselves, even if it is an act for them, because in case you haven’t noticed….no one can tell otherwise, especially not me. ¬†I absolutely fall head over heals in appreciation of someone, who not only exudes the sexy musk of confidence, but who can use their sharp tongue to paint sarcastic humor into a otherwise uninteresting conversation/situation.

This is an exquisite trait which I’m sure is either embedded into one’s personality or has required dedicated crafting to perfect. ¬†Either way, it is a quality that I not only admire but lust for among the people with whom I keep company and wouldn’t have it any other way!