The Dry Eye Zone

imagesI just stumbled upon a really great blog and I think it’s worth sharing!  Due to the medication I take, I have extremely dry eyes.  Over the last two years this intense dryness has caused me to avoid wearing eye makeup, unless I am going out, going out.  And honestly, even then sometimes I avoid it because I know that by the end of the night, my eyes will be super irritated.  Surprisingly, I haven’t done a ton of research recently into makeups that don’t irritate the eyes, because I have a decent fix.

When this problem first started I went through this search to find a better makeup regime that wouldn’t bother my eyes.  I changed a lot of the cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup that I used, to products that seemed to not bother me so much.  Although this definitely helps, I still avoid eyeliner especially on most occasions.

Well not anymore! CUE a miracle!! This blogger “I can hear myself blink” may have just answered my dry eye prayers.  Guess who’s getting some new liquid liner! ME!!!


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