Change… it really matters!

So I was sitting on the subway this morning and I took my keys out of my pocket to put them in my purse. As I did this, a few coins that had been in there came flying out. This cute older woman across from me pointed them out, so that I knew where to pick them up, but I told her it didn’t matter. My thought process was that, they are better left for someone who may need them. Honestly, I just didn’t think it really mattered that much, because what could it be, 35, maybe 40 cents. What can that really buy me?

A few stops go by and that cute little old woman gets up and picks up my change and gives it back to me. I can tell that her English is broken, but she really cared. This frail older woman was bending over to pick up my 35 cents so that she could give it back to me, and that’s when it hit me.

Change matters. In every sense of the statement.

For that woman and for a lot of other people in this world, that 35 cents that I left on the ground could really make a difference. It’s the beginnings of a warm cup of coffee to someone who has to spend the night on the streets, it’s the start of a new pair of shoes, a winter coat, a hot meal, a train ticket, or like the red paper clip story, a home! Every dream, goal and aspiration starts with something small. It’s not about how much you have it’s about how much you are willing to give.

I chose to drop that 35 cents into someone’s cup on the way to work because I know that person needs it more than me. However, I also set aside my own 35 cents to remind me that every dream starts small.

What will you do with your “35 cents”?



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