Adult Acne…like when did this become a thing??!!


First of all, when did getting adult acne become a thing.  It’s so frustrating.  I think I have more acne than I had as a teen.  I guess this is what happens when you get lucky in adolescence.  However, these grownup pimples are the worst because they aren’t the easy 3 day fix ones.  They last FOREVER and are so deep that if I do pop them, there is literally a HOLE in my face!  Thankfully, I get most of my acne along my hair and jaw lines and not my T zones where I got most of my teen acne, so these are easier to hide.  But still, no one likes breaking out and especially not me because all I want to do it pick it until it’s gone! (just for reference, I do know that picking actually makes it last longer…UGH!!)

I know that probably sounds really gross or self destructive, but there is something about knowing that there is a foreign thing like an infection or sebum or puss in my body that makes me want to expel it as fast as possible.  In case you were like Christina, what the hell is Sebum, like an alien or the monster from the black lagoon.  No, b’s sebum is that oily, waxy matter that comes out of your white heads and black heads when you pop them, they are the “clog” in your clogged pours.

I know, I know! I literally know I shouldn’t pick but it’s so hard for me and I am working on it, but here we are again.  I picked and got an infection because I didn’t properly take care of it and now I’m nervous that I am going to get cellulitis or worse the dreaded MRSA. Fucking cystic pimple…WHY?!

I normally would get a prescription for antibiotics but my Dr. has like the worst hours and walk ins this time of year are filled with the flu and germy, sick kids. I’m not taking any chances, even with my flu shot! So here we are…what to do, what to do.

I know that there are holistic ways of curing an infection, because there has to be right.  Infections have been cured for centuries prior to modern medicine, so I am going to try it the old fashion way.  (PSA: This is not a how to or anything like that and if my infection gets worse I will be going to the Dr. because I don’t chance my health like that)

So I did my research and I know that essential oils are incredible for working miracles on infections and other pesky little irritations.  My favorite essential oils right now for aromatherapy are lavender and rosemary.

The first thing I am going to try is Rosemary oil on a band-aid like a poultice.  Wish me luck! PS: this was after a day of a band-aid with neosporin to soften the scab (TMI – I know!)


4 thoughts on “Adult Acne…like when did this become a thing??!!

  1. Ha, I can’t really “Like” this blog since I feel so bad for you! I don’t have a problem with acne, but there are days when I cannot stop picking at and chewing on my lips, so I understand about the pick pick picking obsession. I hope you find a solution for both the acne and the picking compulsion!

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    1. Dont feel bad, I am working on it and its not like it happens often, this was just an extreme case. Incase you were wondering, the rosemary essential oil did the trick and I am on the mend! It killed the infection in like 2 days!

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