So it had to come some time …. LIPSTICKS!!!

So, if you hadn’t noticed, my blog name is a double entendre and of course with that comes my small obsession with lipstick!  To be completely honest I go through phases of wearing and not wearing makeup on an everyday basis but I won’t usually pass up a chance to buy a lipstick that I really love.  Which usually then kickstarts me wearing it more!  Although, for the most part if I am going out going out, you won’t catch me without lipstick at the very least!

Which leads me to share that I just bought a lot of new color lipsticks from NYX.  I have heard some really great things about this brand and in general I feel like colored lipsticks are definitely the trend.  I feel very on point with this purchase!

So, get ready because a make up tutorial will surely be on it’s way!! Oh and just so you know, I shared a link below so you can see the colors.  The only ones I didn’t buy were orange, yellow, green and white, but that might change lol!


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