There’s something about them…

There is something about people who exude confidence, something intrinsically sexy about the way they act, walk, talk, write, and fuck.  It draws me in like a moth to the flame, like a bee to a flower, and like me to a piece of dark chocolate after a long stress filled day.

There is something that stirs me up inside when someone is confident about themselves, even if it is an act for them, because in case you haven’t noticed….no one can tell otherwise, especially not me.  I absolutely fall head over heals in appreciation of someone, who not only exudes the sexy musk of confidence, but who can use their sharp tongue to paint sarcastic humor into a otherwise uninteresting conversation/situation.

This is an exquisite trait which I’m sure is either embedded into one’s personality or has required dedicated crafting to perfect.  Either way, it is a quality that I not only admire but lust for among the people with whom I keep company and wouldn’t have it any other way!


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