A day in the life…

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I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to blog, since I am one of those people in our generation who is in a love / hate relationship with technology. (And when I say “our generation”, I mean the ones who grew up in the technology in-between.  That time where smart phones were a thing but only as we were getting into middle school and when we still had dial up, oh I will never forget that sound!  Whenever I hear a fax machine, I cringe a little, and what do you mean we didn’t always have Facebook, how could we have survived?! But we did survive, with our T9 and our black and white game-boys and to be honest, I think we’re a little better off because of it!)

However, I am not trying to criticize technology.  I think that we have come along way in the last 100 years and I couldn’t imagine our world without on-demand and the wonders of Google.  However, I see myself and a lot of others slipping into a mode of contentment that I believe comes from the constant use of technology.  I have always been a very outgoing individual, but technology can be very isolating and lonely.  So, even though this blog is out there on the world wide web and many people who read this will be sitting at home mindlessly surfing the web, or accidentally ignoring the person on the other side of the table, or trying to get through a boring seminar.  I want this blog to remind people that it’s time to act on all those pins we have on pinterest and to start challenging ourselves to be the best people we can be! So, set that phone, laptop, iPad, remote or kindle down for a few extra hours this week and really remember how precious life is! It may seem that we have a million hours to relax and goof off but there needs to be extra effort to make sure that we also are making those interpersonal connections and personal identity moments that will make it all worth it!

As you probably can already tell, I am a girl who speaks her mind and rocks the tangent, which may drive you crazy, but that’s how it’s going to be, so you might want to get out now 😉.  If not, sit back, relax, get motivated and enjoy the ride!!


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